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Allie’s Friday Penance Post of the Week! What have they done to the Magnificat?!?!

A.M.D.G. J.M.J. A.T.C. Well, everybody, it’s Friday and if you have any familiarity with Holy Mother Church and her beautiful traditions/Tradition, you know that Friday is reserved as a day of penance (Lent or not) unless it is a solemnity, … Continue reading

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In which Allie vents about things that tick her off particularly …

A.M.D.G. J.M.J. A.T.C. I started this post on 4 November: All right. My filter is really off right now. I mean like TOTALLY off. I mean like I ripped the thing out and forgot where I threw it. If you … Continue reading

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Stay Tuned …

A.M.D.G. J.M.J. A.T.C. Attention, readers (all two of you!)! I am working on a post right now that shall hopefully be posted within the next 24 hours or so. As a teaser, it involves politics, religious orders, and vocations. Can … Continue reading

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