In which Allie vents about things that tick her off particularly …


I started this post on 4 November:

All right. My filter is really off right now. I mean like TOTALLY off. I mean like I ripped the thing out and forgot where I threw it. If you can’t stand political incorrect-ness, may I recommend you skip this post even though it may have some redeeming qualities, even to your oh so enlightened and omniscient persons. I recommend that you all read it and comment. No matter how much this may piss you off or make you hoot and holler in agreement.

I was at work today at SJA doing my usual thing. Minding my own dang business, helping one of the staff with a project for the Giving Tree (we have a literal Christmas tree which is decorated with tags with items for poor people so they will have a Christmas present … it’s very nice) when the others started discussing something that I feel should be off-limits at work, especially at a Catholic parish: politics.

For those who know me, you know that I take my politics the way I take my theology: “conservative” and traditional. Though I HATE WITH THE PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS describing one’s religious perspective using political terms but I guess if it works for the sake of argument, I shall use it. I still hate it though.

But since I think it’s such a moot point at work, I don’t really discuss it because I know that I would probably be in the minority who tend to either not eat lunch with us or who also tend to avoid the subject.

Being the lowly pastoral/cleaning lady, I am in the position (I put myself there to keep myself from getting a big head) where when I am told to do things, I do them. Some call it blind obedience. I call it job security.

Well, I was asked if I was registered to vote, I say that of course I was. They all seemed happy at that. Then the wonderful topic of how we voted came up. Sixty percent of the people there did not even vote which, in my humble opinion thus negates their ability and right to bitch and moan when things go awry.

But anyway, I was, as usual, in the minority. I was about to alienate myself even more than I already had.

While trying to answer the question and simultaneously not, my Jedi Master knows how to do it well, they put 2 and 2 together and came to the conclusion that I voted GOP (though I would describe myself more as a political conservative than a Republican). Even worse, that I *gasp* voted straight ticket GOP.

So I am a conservative. Big. Flipping. Deal.

I wanted to leave it at that but someone decided they were going to RUN with this thing and that they did. But luckily, I have been working on my poker face. I was pissed (and still am) but I did not show it overtly. I have my own ways of showing that I am ticked. I tend to be VERY quiet when I am mad. I tend to have a cold and emotionless look on my face as if I were working on auto-pilot. There are a few people who know how to read it and get me out of it. Most of whom are up at AQ. One of whom is down the hall at the office and has a WICKED awesome theology library. They can read me like a book.

They went off on a tangent about how voting straight ticket is bad (even though I am almost a registered GOP) and how voting GOP is worse than not voting at all.

At that point, I really wished that I could have let them have it. But my damn charity prevailed and I think my guardian angel was trying his darnedest to keep me from committing a mortal sin so close to Mass time. Meh, there’s a priest in the building and I was under psychological duress.

Then they pull my parents into it. God, why dost thou allow me to get into such PROXIMATE occasions of sin?!?!?!?! WHY??????? They then made the comment, “Don’t tell me your parents are Republicans?”

To which I respond, DUH!

They then go off on how I must just vote the way my parents do. HOLY CRAP. HOW FREAKING INSULTING CAN YOU GET?!?!?!

For the record, I live in Grosse Pointe which is a more affluent part of metro-Detroit. Most GP people are conservatives and the vast majority are Republicans. Most kids who live in GP (from my experiences with them) are spoiled, snooty, brainwashed little princes and princesses who would not know how to put in a day’s work if their lived depended on it. Mommy and Daddy have a trust fund set up for them. Mommy and Daddy take care of them. Work is for Mexicans and low lifes. Why work when you have MONEY!?!?!?

My parents REFUSED to raise my siblings and me that way. That’s why we went to Saint Joan for grade school instead of the richy rich Saint Paul where all the GP Catholic elite send their little trust fund babies. That’s why they REFUSED to send us to GP North or any of the public schools in GP. They didn’t want us to feel entitled to anything. They wanted us to see the world as it was. They wanted us to think for ourselves. They very easily could have sent us to the exclusive 40k a year K-12 school down the street from my house, but they didn’t.

That is why I am sooo pissed off. I am in a bubbling rage. But I know how to control it and channel it usefully. After lunch, I tied about 400 minute knots on tags for the Giving Tree using yarn that would make most OCD persons CRAZY. I had hand cramps but it helped me channel things out. Tonight, at Mass, I will channel it into my liturgical work. I will make the BEST DANG boat of incense I can with the stash Monsignor has.

But DAMMIT why did they have to pull the “brainwashed conservative kid” card? HOLY CRAP. That’s what really has me pissed.

Just because I am a conservative and my parentals happen to be the like does not mean that I vote the way I do because they do. Christ have mercy on the poorest souls in Purgatory, what a load of crap.

The fact that they said that TO ME is the most insulting. I am deeply offended by what they said.

And what adds to the PISSED-OFFED-NESS is the fact that soon after lunch, they were all sweet to me. Even nicer than usual as if they knew that they had crossed me in a way that should never be done. As if to make it up to me. BULL FREAKING CRAP I am going to take that. I was stoic and deadpan for the rest of the day except for a few laughs and funny faces I aimed at certain people I know would have defended me had they been there.

That’s another thing, whenever these brainwashed persons decide to jump me, certain people are NEVER there. I am not blaming those people. They are busy. They have things to do and people to see. I am more pointing out the fact that the other people are WELL AWARE that if they had pulled that crap on me in their presence, their asses would be grass in one way or another (the passive-aggressiveness behind that fear is for another post).

God did they ever say that crap to me. They crossed me. They betrayed me. They hurt me deeply.

And for all those people who know me, especially AQ people, you all know what happens when you cross Allie. *shudders in terror* But I can’t be in a Sicilian rage. But I can feel it growing. But luckily, I will channel it. But, AQ friends, you know how that is.

So now, I am venting my anger via this blog post.

I now what to connect this rant to a subject that I think is very pertinent to the underlying concepts here: religious orders, vocations, and politics.

In the past 40 years, the Church has seen a great fluctuation in vocations. In the time preceding the Second Vatican Council, vocations to the priesthood and religious life were at an all-time high. Seminaries and novitiates were packed. Orders and dioceses were building new construction to handle and utilize this growth in vocations.

Then in the time proceeding the Council, there was a mass exodus. Seminaries that had been packed were emptying and closing forever. Orders were (and are) desperate for new/young vocations. Institutions founded by dioceses and orders to be staffed by the anticipated boom in vocations were closed or handed over to lay/secular control.

One of the results of the Council (and the subsequent hijacking of the teaching of the Council by crack pot theologians and persons with their own agendas) was the dramatic change in religious orders. Especially in religious orders of women.

No longer were women religious wearing habits and living in community. No longer were they praying in common and regularly. No longer was the Church viewed as a good thing that was owed a degree of knowing obedience. No longer were “traditional” apostolates good enough for these LIBERATED WOMYN OF GYD.

Nope, now they have these shiny new mission statements, vision statements, diversity statements, and corporate stances. Instead of teaching children and others about the Truth, they are ranting and raving about carbon emissions and how nature is God. Instead of praying things such as the Office and the Rosary (which is really an antiquated relic of old days, don’cha’kno’), they are burning incense to their gender-neutral Gydess/dde who is embodied in the smile of every female child, the the giggle of every female baby, and in the tree that when you squint your eyes looks like Lilith with a feminist logo on her liberated chest.

Oh, and did I mention that they are not OPENLY anti-abortion. Nope, they don’t see why abortion has to be such a MAJOR issue. In fact, to some of them, it’s a non-issue. Heck, some sisters are even OPENLY PRO-CHOICE!!! HOLY MOTHER CHURCH?!?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?!?!

How could the fundamental right to life be more important than carbon emissions? Or clothing the naked? Feeding the hungry? Empowering womyn and childryn? Allowing homosexuals to “marry”? Destroying that homophobic, misogynistic, backwards Church from the inside? Womyn’s ordination (talk about a non-issue)?

Oh, I dunno, maybe if the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT TO LIFE was not defended there would be NO NEED for ALL OTHER RIGHTS because there would be NO ONE in existence to whom those rights/”rights” would be entitled?

These hyper-liberal/progressive/Catholyc orders hate the Church. They hate tradition. They hate anything that goes against their OH SO FREAKING ENLIGHTENED and MODERN perspective! LET’S CALL GOD A WOMAN!!!!! LET’S CALL GOD “IT!” MALE PRONOUNS ARE BAD BECAUSE MEN ARE EVIL and OPPRESSIVE!!!!!

This was written on 5 November:

They may put on the act of loving the Church so it looks good on the glossy vocation fliers that shine their veneer of “truth” in vocation magazines and Catholyc/Catholic publications but deep down, it’s all a bunch of rhetoric. It’s all so they can get young women (when they do) who either know the truth or to deceive them and turn them into brainwashed feminazi Catholyc womyn relygyous.

Why do I say all of this? Because in my discernment, I have found it to be quite true. Whether they were the orders I encountered during my time at AQ or in the research I have done in looking for an order to enter, it has all come out the same way in the end.

In the future I think I shall do an analysis of religious order ads from one of the major vocation magazines. I really think you can read their priorities and theology just by looking at their ad. It’s like the psychology of vocation recruitment ads. Now, while I may not have a degree in psych, I have an awareness of the human mind and its motives.

But anyway, in my discernment and in my talks with orders, I always noted certain things that were asked in one form or another. One of the principal questions is: Why are we not getting vocations? What attracts young women to certain orders and not so much to others.

Now since I don’t really care what others think right now, I am going to pull a specific order and compare them to their more traditional/faithful counterpart: Adrian Dominicans vs. Ann Arbor Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. Let’s analyze them shall we?

Adrian OPs: When I asked about the habit, they scoffed.

Ann Arbor OPs: All their sisters wear the traditional habit of the Second Order of the Order of Preachers.

Adrian OPs: Variety in their ministries (education to anti-nuke proliferation to preaching at Mass to being “pastoral administrators”).

Ann Arbor OPs: Education and Evangelization by means of conferences and other forms of communication. They run two bustling grade schools in MI called the Spiritus Sanctus Academies.

Adrian OPs: Have common prayer but they use a horribly rendered “translation” of the Dominican Office that slaughters language and usage for the sake of inclusivity and making womyn feel good that Gyd isn’t a Guy.

Ann Arbor OPs: Chant/pray the Divine Office (official translation along with the Dominican calendar) sans the brutal linguistic slaughter but adding on the BEAUTIFUL Salve Procession to Mary at Compline.

Adrian OPs: Being investigated by the Vatican for various major issues of theology, apostolate, formation, and activity. They (along with the other prog orders) are calling it akin to a witch hunt. I say, “It’s only a witch hunt if there are witches.” So much for maintaining innocence.

Ann Arbor OPs: While I don’t know if they will be visited, I am sure they are not worried one iota since THEY HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE FROM THE CHURCH. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING IN ORDER AND AS THE CHURCH WOULD HAVE IT. They view the visitations as a positive thing and a source of great growth for women religious in the United States.

Adrian OPs: Yeah, they get vocations but not many. Not nearly as many as they once had.

Ann Arbor OPs: Holy Mother Church, these sisters keep getting new postulants every year! And by “getting” I mean double digits. I guess they must be doing something right.

Adrian OPs: Detest the spousal imagery of religious life. It’s oppressive. It’s antiquated. It’s below our enlightened selves.

Ann Arbor OPs: It is at the heart of their (and the Church’s) philosophy of the religious life. It is something beautiful. It is something singular and unique. It is a gift from God Himself.

Then, on a more personal note:

Adrian OPs: While I had minimal contact with them for a bit, I did email them once asking for more in-depth information on the formation process and such (you know, pertinent and important questions) and I NEVER got a response … not even a confirmation that they got my email.

Ann Arbor OPs: Even though the Vocation Directress is very busy, she ALWAYS responds to my emails within 24 hours (most times less) and it’s always a personal and loving email that always closes with promises of prayers.

With all of this before you, can’t you see where the prog orders are so HORRIBLY lacking? They don’t love the Church. They don’t love tradition. Their theologies are as warped as their feminist view of history/herstory. Their agendas do not follow those of the vision of the Church who is the Bride of Christ. Their priorities are TOTALLY out of line.


And yet they say they don’t know. Personally, I think they know dang well what the truth is but it’s too hard for their modernist and “feminist” minds to fathom. Some may get the picture and realize what they are missing and amend it. Others will just keep going on the merry way of heresy and misguided-ness. It’s a sad reality but it’s true.

Then, for the Darwinian in me, I propose a title for that whole theory: Supernatural Selection. It’s not a matter of God loving or hating one order more than another. It’s in the order’s connection to God and in turn His Church. The closer the order is to those two entities, the more women will want to enter and experience the joy that comes with that closeness. The orders who have distanced themselves may still attract young women/old women/non-gendered persons/trees but over time, those members will age and die out and leave no lineage. Nothing but memories of glory days gone by and how they ended much too soon.

I hate to say it but that is the fate of many orders. They will die out if they don’t straighten up and fly right back to the Truth and flee with all their heart, soul, will, mind, and strength from the traps the Devil has laid for them personally so that they fall into the Pit of Lies that he sets for those erring from the path of Truth.

All right, I feel better. I have an idea for a Friday tradition. Stay tuned! Please comment away!

Have a blessed weekend!

The incense at Mass was AMAZING!!!


About Ms. Allie

I am a Catholic young woman who works as a Theology teacher at a Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of the Detroit. In Spring of 2015, I graduated with an MA in Theology with a concentration in Systematic Theology. My MA thesis was titled: "Mary as Woman of the Eucharist in the Theology of Pope Saint John Paul II." I also hold a BA in Theology (with a dabbling in Philosophy) and is a member of Theta Alpha Kappa (θΑΚ), the National Theology/Religious Studies Honor Society. Prayers are appreciated.
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One Response to In which Allie vents about things that tick her off particularly …

  1. katorikurant says:

    I am commenting on a bunch of these at one time, so here goes.

    First- I disagree about discussing politics at Church work. Honestly speaking, some people need to get it in their heads that 1) No political group quite fits the Catholics and 2) There’s one group that is hell bent on destroying everything we’ve ever worked for. And its not the Republicans. They might be full of those whacked out evangelists who still insist we worship Mary, but they’re still a heck of a lot closer to our ideals. It would be awesome if we could get a group together that was pro-life as well as better at handling social crises, though. 3) Those people had no right, and I’m sick of being told by my own family and friends that the only reason I voted Republican this election is because I must be brainwashed or something. UM NO. I was raised to be a good little liberal wishy-washy Catholic, and my parents are very disappointed in me. Oh well. Adulthood is a b*tch.

    Second- To the people who keep on insinuating all sorts of things going on between you and your wonderful spiritual director: They’re jealous, simply put. If they can manage to pull themselves out of the mire of “everybody’s screwing everybody else” and can pull their minds from the gutter of “if a penis and a vagina are in the same room alone, there’s going to be lots of sexy awkward yet sexy sex…sex” then they’re going to be jealous. You have all these flaws, and here you are, getting special help and attention from a great spiritual director. You obviously are close to him, emotionally and spiritually, and not a lot of other people even get that opportunity. So what do you do when you’re a petty little stinker? Cut the other person down. It sucks, but that is how people are. Oh, and I agree. People are WAY THE HECK TOO SEXUALIZED. I was asked if I had “done it yet” about 3 days after I came public about my relationship with Mr. Serrano. 3 DAYS. And somehow, it never occurs to these people that 1) its none of their business. 2) That somebody is obviously thinking like a ho-bag.

    Third- Ahh…religious orders. I remember the first time that a sister told me I should be a priest. I also remember when I was told that pro-life issues “included more than just abortion” which anyone in the pro-life/pro-‘choice” movement knows that is shorthand for “pro-life issues are anything but that, so shut up.” Then, I even had a relative who’s a sister tell me that we should have women “priests” because apparently women can do things better than men anyway. And then there was the recent fiasco where Mr. Serrano and I attended Inquiry, only to learn about Lillith instead of Eve!!

    Do these religious people realize how much they are damaging the faith of well-meaning people? Mr. Serrano is still reeling- and he is even more confused about the Church! Not only are we getting less vocations, but a good portion of us are falling off the boat. I did it, and luckily came back on. My mother? Mormon. My Dad? Never was, and may never be Catholic. My brother? Thinks that the Trinity doesn’t exist. THANKS dissident religious people. I’m sure Satan will thank you guys too…

    Remember that one pamphlet we saw that made it look like a sister was the Priest? what the flipping hamburger of doom….

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