The End of an Era …


I apologize for not having updated this thing is so long. Advent and Christmastide were very busy times around SJA and yours truly figured that since she may not be around for it next year, she may as well enjoy it while she can. No matter where I go, SJA will ALWAYS be my second home or at least possess a large part of my heart. It was kinda sad taking down the office decorations and putting them in their closet again. My supervisor (the Office Manager) said that I will just have to find my way back to SJA to put the stuff up since I did such a lovely job. People would come in and comment on how pretty it looked. 🙂

That and I have been fighting a cold and before that an onset of seasonal deafness. What is “seasonal deafness?” That happens when God plays with the Master Barometer and Thermometer o’ Creation (at least the one for my neck of the woods) and causes dramatic fluctuations in pressure and temperature. It is especially the former that messes with me because my ears are not able to manage such changes in pressure because I was born with at least one deformity in my left ear.

Translation: I was born 80 percent deaf and had my first ear infection (those are painful buggers) at two weeks old. Since then I have had a couple invasive surgeries to help amend the problem but it is something I have learned to deal with. One of the “perks” that come with this is my ears’ inability to manage changes in barometric pressure. You know when your ears pop like when you are flying? Yeah, if I pop my ear/s a bit too much/too hard … Ms. Allie becomes a whole lot more deaf (read:100 percent). lol Meh. You just get used to it.

Before you all are concerned about this: Those of you who know me may or may not have known that about me. It only rears its ugly head every once in a while so it’s not really anything about which to worry. Most times my other ear (that is fully functional, thank God) compensates. The problem with this time was the fact that it was both my good and my bad ear that were messed up. But God always provides.

I am just now getting over the whole “What did you just say?” thing and my cold died within a few days (as opposed to the week and a half my mother and father endured). I don’t care what anyone says, Airborne (Zesty Orange, of course) is a Godsend. Just don’t follow the instructions on the tube (then you run the risk of ODing on vitamins and such … yes, that is possible), take one a day and you should be set. Yep, I had a steady diet of Zesty Orange Airborne, Celestial Seasonings “Throat Tamer” and “Sinus Soother” teas, and my drug of choice: pseudoephedrine (the one for which you have to basically sign off your soul promising NOT to make it into meth … I JUST WANT MY DANG COLD MEDICINE!!!!). Now, I am good as new. The deepened voice I got from my kinda sore throat was fun when I answered the phones at SJA though. People did not know it was me. lol

Except for this dang headache but that is more because of a low blood sugar. Haven’t really eaten much today. Thank the Lord for Authentic Italian Delivery, cold soda, and Red Wings hockey (they won!). Besides, it’s pretty much gone.


All three of you are probably wondering about what my title means. What “era” ended? Are you finally donning the collar as a woman priest? Heck no! Worse. It was so bad Monsignor and I had a moment of silence at the office. A dear friend and companion died. We were even going to plan a funeral for him.

My dear laptop, Aloysius, went onto that big computer store in the sky.

I found him unresponsive Friday morning to check my email before Mass. And then I found the culprit.

A dead power supply (it LESS THAN A YEAR OLD and the source of a major panic attack to my five major paper-writing crazed self at the end of last academic year and on the verge of graduating) and a battery of equal death.

I have poured at least two hundred smackers into Aloysius in the past year trying to keep him running smoothly. Monsignor himself has spent hours and hours working with him when he was having some not so great moments (including a random bout with corrupted system files … he had to break him open for that one). So I decided that instead of spending wicked amounts of money on a new battery and power supply, I would bite the bullet and just get a new and more updated laptop that runs Windows 7 (when a friend of mine got a new Toshiba lappy, it ran 7 and I LOVED it). I’m sorry, I love Macs and Apple products but PCs (Toshiba to be precise) are excellent pieces of equipment and they are very reliable.

Sure, it’s going to cost me a bit of money (makes me kinda regret dishing out the 500 bucks for Rosetta Stone Italian) but I need to do this. And I had been pining for Rosetta Stone for eons.

And before you start to wonder, no, I am not rich. I work at SJA and the money I make goes toward my personal expenses and any things I may want. My four years away at school taught me experientially the art/science of budgeting. I always make sure I have more money in my savings than my checking and I NEVER touch my savings except in special circumstances. I always plan for my upcoming expenses. It’s excellent practice in self-control.

This whole “new laptop” thing is a BIG surprise. So, I am going to do my research, led in large part by my favorite geek priest, into a new lappy. Then when I have found my new Aloysius, have him set up by the same geek priest and christened “Aloysius II” though technically he will be “Aloysius 1.5” since he will be transferring Aloysius I’s contents to Aloysius II.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the only reason I am writing this is because we happen to have another computer in the house (YAY!). So, if my mother isn’t playing Mah Jong on, I have it and I am working from it. It is kinda sad seeing Aloysius just sitting on my desk, cold and alone with no one to love him.

One thing made me really happy. I mean really happy. I mean like “Praise Jesus!” happy.

When I posted Aloysius’ death notice on my Facebook, many people have been kind and offered their condolences for my dear Aloysius and have even been offering suggestions for possible replacements. One of them being a sister from my (hear me, God) future order (the Felician Sisters of Awesome).

What she wrote filled my heart with such geeky joy:

“You want a good one that you can bring with you to the convent.”

Let me paste that again …

“You want a good one that you can bring with you to the convent.”

You mean I get to keep my lappy? *happeh dance of geeky joyness*

For those of you who know me and my love of all things technological, you know this is EXCELLENT news!

Some orders tell you you have to get rid of your computer. These sisters say you can have one and it is actually good to have one!

This is serving as the impetus for me to find a good reliable laptop.

Of course, I already know what I am going to run on it:

Windows 7 (anything BUT Vista … dear Mother of Czestochowa NO!)
Microsoft Office (2007 or whatever is the most up-to-date)
Mozilla Firefox (4 is coming soon! YAY!)
Mozilla Thunderbird with Lightning Extension (email client with calendar extension)
iTunes (it’s a resource hog but it is soooooo useful)
Foxit Reader (Adobe Reader is a resource hog and has security holes like Internet Explor(d)er)
Revo Uninstaller
Spybot Search and Destroy

The best part? The vast majority of those things are FREE and run as good (if not better) than their paid counterparts! Like Monsignor says: “Never pay for software when you can get an equivalent or better version for FREE!” If you are ever looking for a reputable site for free software for MANY MANY uses and platforms, I wholeheartedly recommend or its The software offered on this site is GUARANTEED spyware free and they have excellent reviews and ratings. And they even have lists of software that are well-suited for certain tasks! A geek’s dream come true!

Before I leave to get ready for bed (Mass in the morning), please join me in a kinda irreverent spin on the traditional Catholic prayer for the dead but this one is offered for my dearly departed Aloysius. This comes courtesy of one of my dear college friends:

“Eternal sleep-mode grant unto Aloysius, [O Lord,] and may perpetual futuristic neon light shine upon him.” May his motherboard and the motherboards of all the technologically departed through the mercy of God rest “blue screen of death” free. Amen.

All right. Thank you for that. Hopefully I will be posting again soon. Maybe I will be getting a new laptop soon. Hopefully before I go to March for Life in a couple weeks! SO EXCITED!

Have a great Second Sunday in Ordinary Time!

God love you and Mary keep you always!


About Ms. Allie

I am a Catholic young woman who works as a Theology teacher at a Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of the Detroit. In Spring of 2015, I graduated with an MA in Theology with a concentration in Systematic Theology. My MA thesis was titled: "Mary as Woman of the Eucharist in the Theology of Pope Saint John Paul II." I also hold a BA in Theology (with a dabbling in Philosophy) and is a member of Theta Alpha Kappa (θΑΚ), the National Theology/Religious Studies Honor Society. Prayers are appreciated.
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One Response to The End of an Era …

  1. katorikurant says:


    “Eternal sleep-mode grant unto Aloysius, [O Lord,] and may perpetual futuristic neon light shine upon him.” May his motherboard and the motherboards of all the technologically departed through the mercy of God rest “blue screen of death” free. Amen.

    Catholics rock. Seriously, we can do sooooo much more with our prayers (and we don’t have to resort to rolling on the floor!) in the creativity department.

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