Speed Demon …


Memorial of Saint Rose of Lima, Virgin

I drove on the freeway for the first time in a very long time. It was simultaneously thrilling and fear-inspiring. Getting caught behind some convoy (literally a convoy of ginormous trucks driving at roughly a micrometer a century) and when the opportunity presented itself, my father saying, “GUN IT!” Whoa, baby, was that exhilarating. The car had quite a bit of pick-up and the sound of that engine revving made the speed demon in me smile.

To answer your question: No, I don’t have my license. I shall within the next two weeks. I have to take a road test and do some spooty written thing that proves that I am literate and have comprehension skills. I just hope and pray (and ask your prayers) that all works out because this has been the one thing that has been making my hyper-analytical self go insaaaaaaane.

Anywho, it’s hard to believe that two weeks from today, I shall be almost completely moved into the postulancy in Pittsburgh. Never before have I been so excited and at the same time so nervous. I am excited to get all my stuff together. My jumpers will be done getting altered soon. I have to go shopping for some tops and such. I still have to pack. My co-workers at SJA are throwing me a farewell party next Wednesday. It will be just like when I left for college in the Fall of 2006 but back then I had only been working there for about two months. Now, I have been working there for five years! A lot happens in five years. God knows it’s going to be extremely hard to let go but God wants this and He knows what is best for me.

And old Goat Legs (I call him that because whenever I visualize him that I see him as kinda Pan-like … half man/half goat) has been having a ball with me lately. Thank the Lord for daily Mass and prayer. Oh, and Saint Michael. He’s really good at that whole ‘dispelling the Evil One” thing.

I was going through my books this evening, trying to figure out what I wanted to bring with me. Being the major nerd that I am, this is going to be quite difficult. Some people have a “security blanket” in one form or another … I have my books. Whenever I need to relax, I curl up with a nice meaty piece of literature or theology. When I was in college, my heaviest box was that of my book box. I shan’t do that this time. But I do have my beloved Ratzinger books and such that I love. Oh, and the Code and Commentary my Jedi Master Canonist is giving me as part of my entering formation present. 🙂

Well, this has been a rather random post. lol Have a nice evening!


About Ms. Allie

I am a Catholic young woman who works as a Theology teacher at a Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of the Detroit. In Spring of 2015, I graduated with an MA in Theology with a concentration in Systematic Theology. My MA thesis was titled: "Mary as Woman of the Eucharist in the Theology of Pope Saint John Paul II." I also hold a BA in Theology (with a dabbling in Philosophy) and is a member of Theta Alpha Kappa (θΑΚ), the National Theology/Religious Studies Honor Society. Prayers are appreciated.
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