The Church is a giant hard drive!


Memorials of Saints Jerome Emiliani and Josephine Bakhita

The topsy-turvy times in which we find ourselves frankly makes my blood boil, not just because of the utter bull crap that is being spewed and promoted by one or another group or power that is but most disheartening is the fact that there are CATHOLICS (or in this case “catholycs”) who are agreeing with and promoting this utterly anathematic bull crap.

How can any person who wants to be a genuine Catholic agree with and promote the practice of FORCING (because that is what it is) any institution to violate their beliefs (Catholics or not). How could a Catholic who wishes to live an authentic Catholic life in union with her teachings believe that it is all right to force Catholic institutions (parishes, hospitals, schools, colleges, etc.) to cover contraception, abortifacients, abortions, and sterilizations, etc. when it spits in the face of the Church’s two millenia old teaching (never mind it is a violation of the fundamental right to life that is found in natural law).

We seriously need bishops, priests, religious, and consecrated souls who are willing to endure the buffets and spitting of those in the Church who are nothing but heretics for saying this is all right. We need to have some house cleaning. It is not in numbers that the Church gets her strength, it is in her Faith in Christ from which she derives her strength. The Church needs to go through and separate the wheat from the chaff. The Church needs to take off her silk pontifical gloves and show her fists of charitable retribution. The Church needs to develop her backbone some more.

The Catholic Church in America through her bishops need to make decisive statements about how intrinsically wrong this whole thing is. Happily, the vast majority of them have. I think they need to go further. I think they need to make declarations on Catholycs who agree with this bull crap anti-Catholic, anti-religious freedom malarcky and state that unless they amend their sinful stances, they cannot and SHOULD NOT approach the altar for Holy Communion.

I am sick to death of all the indecisive caterwauling about how we need to be inclusive. Inclusivity does not mean that we have to include those who stand and spit in the face of the Truth. I am sick to death of some in the Church saying that we are too hard on people and that we are backwards. Bull. Crap. If someone cannot stand the Church’s teaching, why don’t they just leave if they are so unwilling to accept the fact that maybe just maybe there is someone else (namely Christ speaking through His Church) that may just know the Truth and it ain’t them and their oh-so-enlightened comrades.

View the Church like a hard drive.

You can have a huge 10 TB hard drive or whatever but it still needs to be maintained.

If you huge hard drive gets filled with junk files, file fragments, viruses, spyware, etc.. Junk Files are those little things that can be easily dealt with like misunderstandings about doctrine. The medieval teaching on limbo would be considered a junk file because it was never a part of the Church’s formal teaching but rather a pious belief that consoled people about the state of the souls of babies who died without baptism. File fragments would also be tied to junk files because they don’t really damage the drive but they do clog it up. However, there are viruses (heresy) that can damage the integrity of the hard drive and its contents and create unnecessary problems. Spyware are those persons and movements that infiltrate the Church and try to ruin her from within by causing confusion by means of presenting heresy as Church teaching or by tweaking teaching just enough that it seems to be legit but to the discerning theologian/tech geek, it’s horribly wrong. These could also be the trojan horses that disguise themselves as innocuous files or programs and when the time is right, they show their true colors but by that time, the damage has been done.

A system weighed down with all this junk is not going to be very efficient. It may be huge but what good is a huge hard drive if it is bogged down with junk and viruses? It could actually do more harm than good. An infected system can affect those other systems in the network because of the internal discord.

How does one avoid or fix these issues?

-Install, update frequently, and use good virus/spyware, etc. software = Foster, promote, and support vocations that will defend the Church and all her teachings against the assaults from within and without. This will, in turn, allow for the expulsion of any heterdox teaching that comes from within or without and create at least some sense of peace in the Church

-Clean out junk files = defend the integrity of the Church and her teaching by making sure only authentic teaching is proclaimed by her officials and her members.

-Defrag hard drive = Expunge all extraneous teachings and practices from the Church that are not connected to the authentic tradition of the Church while allowing for organic development. This will, like defragging, organizes the authentic teaching of the Church into a large but much more authentically interpreted whole so that the Truth can be easily accessed and understood as far as the Spirit will allow.

With all that said, we need to make sure our virus and spyware protection is up-to-date and running, clean out our junk files, and run a thorough defrag. It won’t be pretty but it has to be done. The Church may be a bit smaller but her essence, the Truth, will never be changed. I would rather have a smaller and stronger Church whose members are willing to stand up for the entirety of the Truth than a large Church whose members are confused about what the Church teaches/whose authentic defenders are spat upon/where no one knows what is what.

All right, while the parallels between the Church and a hard drive may not have been spot on, I think it at least got a point across.

Have a great day!


About Ms. Allie

I am a Catholic young woman who works as a Theology teacher at a Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of the Detroit. In Spring of 2015, I graduated with an MA in Theology with a concentration in Systematic Theology. My MA thesis was titled: "Mary as Woman of the Eucharist in the Theology of Pope Saint John Paul II." I also hold a BA in Theology (with a dabbling in Philosophy) and is a member of Theta Alpha Kappa (θΑΚ), the National Theology/Religious Studies Honor Society. Prayers are appreciated.
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