Catholicky May (and a couple prayer requests)!


Laudetur Iesus Christus!

Fourth Sunday of Easter

I have this uncanny tendency to write while I am lying in bed. It’s almost a ritual: put hair up, apply cold cream to mine face (I guess like my beauty regimen like I like my liturgy: old school. Just like with liturgy, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!), putz around a bit while massaging said cream onto face (it’s relaxing and it removes the waterproof mascara really well), rinse face, put on Red Wings pjs (Red Wings pajama pants, Osgood t-shirt, Osgood jersey … my mother says its the most expensive night shirt but it’s comfortable!), and then begin to blog.

So much is going on during the month of May. You know, the whole “Mary’s month” thing. The whole “Mother’s Day” thing. Of course, there is the SJA Spring Festival in THREE weeks (SJA’s second Triduum) and all the fun that comes with that.

But there is yet another event that is amazing!

No, it’s not Saint Aloysius’ feast day … that’s 21 June.

No, it’s not the month the Wings will win the Cup … don’t get me started on that.

No, it’s not the month I finally learn how to use that whole “mind-mouth filter” thing that so many say I have a tendency to lack. Haters gonna hate.

Well, duh! It’s the Feast of Saint Joan of Arc on 30 May! It’s not on the General Roman Calendar but as a young lady who attends her parish and whose middle name is derived from her name (I read that somewhere but my research into the matter further says otherwise, oh well … I have adopted her as a patroness since I was a young’un anyway) thinks her feast ought to be celebrated somehow! I always wonder why we don’t really do anything for her feast day considering how much of a virtuously BA saint she was!

Even if the parish does not mark her feast day, I think I shall and that shall include here on the blog.

One of my traditions for marking her feast is to watch the film about which I told you in my last post, “The Passion of Joan of Arc.” As you know from that post, it is one of my favorite films (silent or talkie) because of the depth of the subject matter and all the amazing things that are associated with the film. The interesting story of how it was re-discovered after having been thought lost forever only adds to it (it was found in the closet of a Danish insane asylum).

Since there are about four weeks until her feast, I am going to post the YouTube segments of the film twice a week (there are 8 parts to the film on YouTube) along with some thoughts on that clip pertaining to what we see and things connected to her life. She really did have an interesting life: she went from a humble shepherdess to the fabled Maid of Lorraine who was prophesied to save France from her enemies to one accused of being a heretic, witch, and apostate with a death sentence by burning at the stake to an posthumously exonerated woman who lived a life of heroic virtue, and finally elevated to the altars of Holy Mother Church as a saint with her canonization in 1920.

I might even post a picture of the mosaic from my church that details the life of this great saint. One of my favorite things to do when I used to train altar servers was to tell the story of Joan of Arc. Before I would even begin the actual training, I would have them all look at the mosaic as I told her story using the different scenes displayed on it. The kids were almost always rapt with her story. I would also add some legends like the story of her sword (I’ll tell it, can’t be spoiling the fun now). Or how she treated her own battle wound (won’t tell how) on the field and went back into the action. So many interesting stories!

So yes, we are going to prepare for the feast of Saint Joan of Arc by watching a film based on her trial transcripts (and has an AMAZING soundtrack) and we’re going to learn more about her life!

I always noticed that when I was with the kids, they would always love to hear the stories of the saints. When I was in about seventh grade, I used to babysit for the pre-Cana program my parish had for couples preparing for marriage. Sometimes, when I could, I would sneak the kids into church and we would look around. I would show them the mosaic of Saint Joan and tell them her story. They always loved it. Then, I would have them name random names because I bet them that I could tell them a story of a saint who had that very name. Even when I was in seventh grade I was a hagiophile (hagio = holy/saint, phile=lover) and had pretty much memorized a couple saints books. Besides, these kids were primary students so it was not like we were going to get “out there” names like “Apple,” “Pilot Inspektor,” or “Lilith.”

The kids want to learn this stuff! They want to learn about their Faith and her traditions! One thing that never ceases to sadden me is the fact that so many who are in charge of educating kids (parents *and* teachers) don’t teach their children/students about the heritage of the Church either because of ignorance or because they have some misguided distaste for it. The only thing it does is deprive the children of the knowledge of the holy heritage of which they are inheritors and will soon become protectors. You can’t defend the Faith if you don’t understand her or know her heritage! You can’t truly love the Faith without having been formed in it properly.

I always found that kids loved saints lives the most. I think it’s because in learning about saints’ lives that they see holiness and virtue as something that they can achieve themselves, by the grace of God, of course. That, and they love learning about the ins and outs of liturgy. Plant the seed with saints’ lives, they gain friends in Heaven to pray and intercede for them, and from thence comes the great possibility that that love will expand into other things.

Speaking of liturgy, if the kids would get so into learning about the Novus Ordo, I can just imagine how intrigued they would be by the TLM. I have to admit that while the Novus Ordo is wonderful when celebrated according to the approved rubrics (Say the black, do the red); there is a certain mystique to the TLM that enthralls me, captivates me. It’s the kind of thing that makes me want to attend more TLMs if just to observe the beauty of the elaborate-ness and Catholic-ness of the music and the rituals: the many Signs of the Cross the celebrant makes, the strikings of the breast, the genuflections, the deep bows, the precision down to how the priest’s fingers hold the chalice and Sacred Host.

Of course, as an MC, that would interest me. I have no issue with exclusively male servers (to be honest, it’s my preference … such a hypocrite, right?), especially at the TLM. There’s a reason and it ain’t sexism or the glass ceiling.

There is something about the TLM that is just kinda “lacking” (now, don’t burn me at the stake) with the Novus Ordo when it’s just celebrated like it’s any common action of the people. When it’s celebrated as it really is, the unbloody rendering of Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary, it can be quite beautiful and I have been to many of these. But when things enter into it that are not organic to its development (innovations) then the true beauty of the Mass is obscured and wrongly banalized into some happy-clappy (I guess I like that word) party where the Sacrificial aspect is lost to an excessive focus on the Meal aspect of the Mass … or even going so far as to de-emphasize the Real Presence in the Eucharist and go on ad nauseam about how Christ/God is found in you, me, the forest, the trees, the moon, the stars, the fish, the kitties, the doggies, and everything else that takes up space in time. Add some inclusive language music and prayers and you have my nightmare. *scandalized gasp and shriek*

That was a bit of a tangent. I am a tangential person sometimes. <—- understatement of the week/year.

All right, I am starting to nod off. Busy week ahead. Got an email from a perspective job opportunity (sent in my resume and application a while back), hoping to hear back from them soon for an interview. This will be my first "job in the world." It will get several people off my back that have been harping me since I got home (finding a job takes time). It will also give me more regular hours (and thus more regular paychecks) and more social interaction (I miss that about my church job … I know an ISTJ like me wanting social interaction!) I hope it works out because if I am right, they don't open until 10 o'clock in the morning so I shall still be able to attend Mass! Daily Mass is very important to me. It is a source of solace, structure, and offers me a solid foundation for my day. I am just nervous because I have a tendency to get anxious when going into new things, I don't have external panic attacks but I get very anxious and awkward. Add to that the self-consciousness I can have when my hearing is not so hot (like right now with my left ear being completely out) and you have a ball of happy, anxious, nervous, and excited-ness!

Yeah, prayers would be nice. Thanks!

Oh, and while you're praying for that, pray for me. I have confidence issues about my ability to pass my driving test. I don't take failure very well at all (I am perfectionist like nothing else) so when I did not pass my driving test before I left for PA, that was a very very debilitating blow to my … I hate this word … self-esteem when it comes to my ability to pass. I can go on and on about Theology but I can't parallel park to save my life. Something is wrong with that/me in my mind. My perfectionism can be quite emotionally and mentally painful/debilitating at times. I really want to pass my test because then I am one step closer to getting my license and a car which thus means my ability to go to TLM whenever I want! SRSLY, the TLM has become my new and biggest impetus to pass my test and get my license. It's a very very very very very noble and holy goal to which to aim. And Lord, do I want to achieve it like NOTHING ELSE.

Please pray for that. It is honest to God my biggest roadblock (no pun intended) and it's also a source of much embarrassment for me. I am a very self-conscious person. People don't think that, but I am. I am very very self-conscious. I just hide it well behind a rather well-done poker face and an awkward chuckle or two. Ha.

Have a great night!


About Ms. Allie

I am a Catholic young woman who works as a Theology teacher at a Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of the Detroit. In Spring of 2015, I graduated with an MA in Theology with a concentration in Systematic Theology. My MA thesis was titled: "Mary as Woman of the Eucharist in the Theology of Pope Saint John Paul II." I also hold a BA in Theology (with a dabbling in Philosophy) and is a member of Theta Alpha Kappa (θΑΚ), the National Theology/Religious Studies Honor Society. Prayers are appreciated.
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2 Responses to Catholicky May (and a couple prayer requests)!

  1. Catt Sallans says:

    ❤ supa hethen prayers abound! I may even do them on a Muslim prayer rug wearing a yamulk. hehehehehe ❤ Good Luck, I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. jmjtotustuus says:

    Another “enthralled and captivated” by the TLM Allie here. too! Nice to find your blog via twitter.

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