I can’t sleep so here’s a TLM post of random-ness (Happy Michælmas btw)


Laudetur Iesus Christus!
Nunc et in aeternum! Amen.

Feast of the Holy Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael (Michælmas)

Now that I am well-rested and fed spiritually (went to Mass … we sang parts in Latin and we prayed the Saint Michael prayer after Mass), I think I should go through this thing and go MST3K on it for fun.  “Filter-less, giddy-and-yet-fatigued Allie” is different from” typical Allie”.  If anything about me could be “typical.”  lolz.

I can’t sleep because I am “afflicted” with the “high” that I ALWAYS get when I go to TLM. Friday’s TLM was my first Solemn High Mass. It was High all right.

Sorry my filter is off. If I utter some irreverence, it’s the adrenaline.  And to think some of the young men were trying to get me to drink. Buahahahaha! [No one got schwasted.  We were just very jocular and it was delightful!]

I told them that no one needs to see that.  I didn’t want to ruin the visage they have of me so fast. [The key to making friends is NOT alienating them from the get-go.]

Such a scandal-monger.  Thankfully, most of the people with whom I was had thick skins and senses of humor.  It’s sad how rare those can be.

I could seriously get up and run laps around the neighborhood.

But the idea of the cops tazing me into submission is none-too-appealing to me.

I have Mass in a few hours.

Novus Ordo but it will do … for now. [Ooooo, the rad trad bordering on SSPX girl came out to play a bit … I thought I got rid of her.]

I am a full-fledged trad.  At least a padawan on the way to Jedi. Really. Seriously. [I was also feeling very cocky and prideful apparently. Ha.  I am such a novice with this stuff still.]

Today’s Solemn High Mass so BEAUTIFUL.  I am becoming more adept with my hand missal.  My veil behaved (I long for the day when I can wear it more often in public) so I wasn’t picking at it all the time.  My knees didn’t crack when I knelt.  My voice didn’t crack like Peter Brady.

Seriously.  After the sublime EPIC that was the Mass, we headed out to an Italian restaurant that my parents went to when they were dating.

Being the socially awkward person I am, I sat where people seemed familiar.

So glad I did.  It reminded me of my days in college when all the Theology geeks would gather and talk about random God topics.  We would theorize and hypothesize.  We were easily the most boisterous table in the group (without even drinking that much).  I had one Coke through the whole evening.

That probably isn’t helping my odds of getting to sleep at a decent hour.

Nope.  Not at all.

The young man next to whom I sat was a very delightful person with whom to converse.  Imagine the confused looks when they found out I was a Master of Ceremonies.  Let alone one who MCs Masses with the Archbishop (I’ve done a few).  Let alone the church consecration at which I served with the bishop of another Michigan diocese whom I know from my days in high school when I would tell him about the stuff that was being taught at the religion classes (weeks spent on different forms of birth control, five minutes on NFP). [What better way to ingratiate yourself with trad peers than tell them that you served Mass and you’re female. *facepalm* I make awkwardness a science.]

Yes, it’s hard to be an oxymoron.  It fills me with much angst and conflict. [God knows I have enough of that without adding this.  *knowing chuckle to friends who are in the loop. Buahahahaha!]

[Mrs. Reyes, if you are reading this, kindly refrain from texting me about your post-nuptial escapades.  Breaking out into a blush in public and not being able to explain oneself without lying is … AWKWARD!  Not that that isn’t your intent to begin with but I like to think that you still have some virtue left in you … it gives me hope for bankrupt self.]

I can’t even tell you what came over me today at Mass.  It was like being filled.  Like being an empty vessel and being filled completely with something that makes you “feel” so transcendent that it can’t be from anyone by God. [This is a vast understatement.  It was like being lifted up in a spiritual sense.  I probably had a smirk on my face.]

He stole my heart again, darn it.

I love it when He does that.

It does get annoying when I can’t sleep and I have to be up in a few hours for Michælmas. [Note to self: Never tell the Lord, “If You want me to go to Mass in the morning, wake me up in time to get ready and go.”  He will answer that prayer.  By making you get up before your alarm goes off and render you unable to sleep because the time between you lulling back to sleep and the alarm going off is too small to make any effort at going back to said sleep a waste of time and effort.  Though that does not negate the altogether “I’m still sleepy, Lord” caterwauling/moaning and groaning-ness of the whole schtick.  I am human, what can I say?]

Some of y’all gonna be all insulted or misinterpret this but going to Novus Ordo after attending a beautiful TLM  such as the one I had the grace of attending this evening is kinda a cold shower of sorts. [Yep, there’s the rad trad again.  So long as she doesn’t delve into the land of the sedevacantists and (anti)Pope Pius XIII, we should be all right.]

Maybe because there’s not a lick of Latin to be heard (at least where I go) [Sadly a true statement in most cases save for occasions like this morning where the priest sang parts and prayed some Latin].  Maybe because of the modernist music with lyrics laced with subtle or overt heresy or just plain BAD teaching or overt/subtle agenda-laden lyrics [And don’t even get me started on when psalms and hymns are re-worded to not use male pronouns for God.].  There are times when I cannot bring myself to sing those songs.  Not when I have been to Masses with the choir singing Panis Angelicus and Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus (one of my VERY FAVORITE songs) and with the people joining in. [In their defense, sometimes they do sing some traditional hymns like “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name.”]

Don’t give me that crap about the people being “unable” or ‘unwilling” to learn Latin.  That’s a load of garbage bigger than the pit of Gehenna. [Yep.  The filter is off.]  Quit treating the laity like imbeciles who are incapable of learning something new and put some effort into it.  Quit treating the laity like a bunch of children who won’t accept change.  Some won’t but that’s their issue.  There is no reason why the whole of the laity have to suffer. [Can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine?  Not at all.]

They are being shafted out of learning, experiencing, and participating in the entirety of the Church’s liturgical tradition when leaders in the Church are ambivalent to the TLM and other traditional practices of the Church.  Seriously.  Quit it.  Drop the agenda. Drop the prejudices and do what Christ wants you to do, lead your flock … including the trads and those who are open to trad things! [I was really on my soapbox, wasn’t I? Trads are the new minority (that’s growing) in the Church … we’re being oppressed … lolz.]

If the Church were about making everyone happy or keeping conflict to a minimum, the Church would NEVER have survived the 2000+ years she has weathered.  That and she would be the biggest milquetoast [I love that term] of an institution that the world has ever seen.

Just like how the Church needs to breath with “both lungs” aka Eastern Rite and Latin Rite so too does the Church need to utilize ALL of her lung lobes (the human lung is actually a grouping of lobes made of specialized cells and tissues … don’t ask how I know … dissecting mammals has taught me a lot about how the body works … no I have not dissected a person … that’s med school).  The Novus Ordo and contemporary faith practices are fine (so long as they are rooted in authentic Church teaching) but the Church didn’t start in 1965 or 1970 [Here’s another trad rant.].  It started in the Upper Room on Holy Thursday night, out of the pierced side of Christ on the Cross on Good Friday, at the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Another thing.  What’s with the gratuitous use of the term “Schola?” [This one is a personal pet peeve of mine because some terms get used so loosely.]  Just because you get a group of people together does not mean you can use that term.  A schola is a specific type of singing group that sings a specific type of music (at least in my world … postmodernity works when it suits me).  Getting a group of people together to sing Haugen-Daaz at Mass is NOT A SCHOLA!  Repeat: NOT A SCHOLA.  It’s a vocal group.  Choir or Chorus is too grandiose a word to describe any group that sings that stuff. [Ouch.  Burn.  There’s the rad trad again with her caustic tongue.]

Sorry.  Since going to TLM, I have become a bit of a music snob.  Not so much a snob as much as it ticks me off to NO END that the faithful are being shortchanged because some music directors (NOT MINISTERS … quit with the gratuitous use of the terms “minister” and “ministry” … not everything needs to be called that if it’s connected to the Church in some way, shape, or form). [This is annoying to me.  Not everything that one does for the Church is a ministry.  “Ministry,” in my humble opinion, is one of those terms in the Church that can be used by some unaware of its true meaning and implications thereof.  “The ministry of this,” “the ministry of that,” “the ministry of making sure that hymnals and Bibles are in the racks the right way.”  It’s not that she doesn’t appreciate what you do but it ain’t a ministry.  Leave ministry to the ministers … the clerics and those formally appointed by a competent ecclesiastical authority.]

I told you my filter is off. [A truer statement has never been said save for “God exists.”]

One of my friends (sacerdote or lay) once told me that while the Real Presence is totally confected at both forms of the Mass, it’s almost like the TLM is on a higher plane.  Actually, more than one friend has told me this.  lol [One of those friends is even more trad than me.  There may be a bit of liturgical snobbery but if you look at it from an subjective point of view, you can kinda see how some would say that.]

I think it’s because it appeals to so many aspects of our being.  Man loves aesthetics. At the TLM you have the gorgeous vestments, the fragrant incense wafting through the air, the prayerful music (in Latin, of course).  You have the ringing bells and all the shiny stuff any ADD-personage could ever want. [Not saying that this isn’t possible in the Novus Ordo because it is.  It’s just much more common in the TLM than the Novus Ordo.]

I think it also appeals to his love of mystery … the whole “priest facing God” thing.  The whole “Latin thing.”  The whole “chalice veil” thing.  The whole “whispered prayers” thing.  The fact that not everything that the priest is doing is out in the open.  The fact that there is some demarcation of sacrality.  There is a separation of the sacred from the profane. [Now this can be so with the Novus Ordo as well, it’s just that in the NO, it’s an option (the priest can be versus populum or ad orientem) whereas in the TLM, it’s always ad orientem.]

But it’s so much more than that.

And I am not saying that the Novus Ordo cannot be beautiful.  I may be trad but I am not that kind of trad.  I have been to one Latin Novus Ordo ad orientem and it was beautiful.

I am just sayin’.  For me, there is no question which one is my preference.

And it ain’t a Call to Action puppet “Mass.”

Just think, when you go to a TLM, you go to the same Mass that Saint Aloysius attended.  Saint Maria Goretti walked miles in all weather to attend this Mass.  The same Mass that Saint Padre Pio offered.  The same Mass that Father Solanus offered (being a simplex priest, it was one of the few priestly offices for which he had faculties … he couldn’t even preach a doctrinal homily, only feverinos … encouraging talks about virtue and holiness … fervor).  This is the Mass that B16 and JPII offered when they were first ordained priests and for a large part of their priesthood.

This Mass sustained all of our dear patrons.  It gave them strength and grace to persevere in living lives of heroic virtue.

Just the whole connection with the past generations of the Church is mind-blowing let alone what happens on the altar in the hands and at the words of the priest.

Don’t get me started on that.  Though I think I already did. [Then I won’t shut up and I think we all can collectively agree that we do want me to shut up at this point.  lol]

Oh well.

This is what happens when I am on a God high with Coke added and I can’t sleep.  I blog myself to sleep.  I keep writing until my eyes get heavy.

Proofread?! Ha.  What’s that?  I might tomorrow when I am more cogent of what’s going on and my feet stop shaking (that’s the caffeine … I could run in place and sing the Latin Declension Song). [I did one better … I MST3K’d the post with my clarifications and additions of a bit of prudence that was decidedly lacking in the original post.]

And yes, I did pray Vespers and Compline.  I even wore my veil. [I usually do for private prayer.]

Can’t wait until I can wear that to Mass all the time. [Seriously.]

*looks at Infant statue*

“Pleeeeeeease, Lord, let it be done according to how You will it.”

I even changed the Infant King’s vestment to white for Michælmas.  So proactive am I.

I think I need to try to go to bed.  I hope this at the very least has amused you.

Flipped on EWTN, they are re-airing the Consecration and Installation Mass of Bishop Jeffrey Monforton who was a priest of the AOD and the rector of the Seminary until earlier this year when he was assigned to the largest parish in the AOD (as far as I know) only to be appointed by the Pope as Bishop of Steubenville (yes, where Franciscan University is located).

All right.  I need to go to bed.  I am typing in random “æ”s and I am mixing up my letters.  My hands are staggering across the keyboard in a farcical attempt to type.  I feel like I am back in high school keyboarding class where we had those orange keyboard covers so we couldn’t cheat.  Some of the girls had special names for those things … I won’t tell you what they were but you can venture to guess if you must.  I went to an all-girls Catholic high school … we had “special” sense of humor.  You spend four years surrounded by hormonal teenage girls and you will understand.  It’s a beautifully unique experience with its own kinds of awkward moments.

Told you I know how to blog myself to sleep.  The Interwebz has so many uses … both good and ill.

Imma go curl up now in my Ozzie jersey (the most expensive nightshirt but it’s sooooo comfy) and try to lull myself to sleep. [My Osgood jersey is perfect for sleeping in because it’s a bit oversized and I don’t get too warm in it nor too cold.]

Have a nice night!

Happy Michælmas!  I hope to post something on the feast later.  When I am more awake … and sane. [Done.]


BTW, chalk this post up as part of your Friday penance though it’s Saturday and a Feast to boot.  The Lord will understand I am sure.  He knows.


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I am a Catholic young woman who works as a Theology teacher at a Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of the Detroit. In Spring of 2015, I graduated with an MA in Theology with a concentration in Systematic Theology. My MA thesis was titled: "Mary as Woman of the Eucharist in the Theology of Pope Saint John Paul II." I also hold a BA in Theology (with a dabbling in Philosophy) and is a member of Theta Alpha Kappa (θΑΚ), the National Theology/Religious Studies Honor Society. Prayers are appreciated.
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