Want to suggest a link?


My blog roll needs some more additions. If you have a blog or website you would like me to include in my blog roll, post it here. The ground rules are:

1. No blogs that reduce themselves to ad hominems about persons/organizations. Now, an ad hominem is not the same as one expressing disagreement. It all depends on how we express it.
2. Any suggested Catholic websites (organizations) should be organizations in good standing with the Church and should not promote scandal or heresy (looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, it must be …).
3. If you want me to post a link to a religious congregation, they do not need to wear a habit for inclusion, but they must not promote things contrary to the teaching authority of the Church. Call me a token enforcer, I just like it when the Truth is proclaimed and not defamed.
4. Use common sense and Christian charity. That’s really the most important rule, it covers all the previous rules.

I really do want your suggestions. Post them here, I shall peruse them, if I like them and they seem legit, they shall be posted!

Grazie mille!

5 Responses to Want to suggest a link?

  1. Hi Allie,

    I wrote a guide for creating websites and blogs with WordPress. This might be useful to some of the folks on your blog. The tutorial is located here: websitesetup.org

    Let me know what you think 🙂
    – Robert

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