Idea for a Post?


Now, this is something you won’t see in a church … a suggestion box. This is your chance to direct the content of this blog. Post your suggestions for blog posts. However, in light of the purpose of this blog, I must lay out some ground rules.

1. No suggestions about my take on orders/congregations that wear/don’t wear habits. There is more to vocation than clothes.
2. No passive aggressive suggestions that can quickly turn into ad hominems and just plain uncharitable stuff.
3. I will not post any thing uncharitable about any person. As a young Catholic woman, (regardless of vocation, we should not be doing this), I will not post “opinions” on persons or religious orders. Though I will not hide whether or not I agree/disagree with them, but I shall leave it at that with a bit of explanation.

I am not being a “negative Nancy,” I am just laying down what I shall and shan’t do. We are all called to build up. Not tear down. I admit that I have been and am guilty of doing that but that is no excuse to continue doing so.

If you want me to write about saints, Our Lady, some theological fun, liturgy, or anything like that … suggest it! I love that kind of stuff. It’s kinda why I got the Theology degree! 🙂


5 Responses to Idea for a Post?

  1. Catt says:

    i would LOVE to see what a day in the life of a initiate is like!!! Hope your having fun!!

  2. Dear Ms Allie,
    I am not sure if you noticed or not but you and I have been accused of bullying via facebook today. You corrected a post on Regina High’s page that refered to the Mass as “mass” and I liked your comment. Apparently they would rather appear ignorant than educated. They removed your comment and my like and posted guidelines. I see that you are studying at SHS, I hope that is going well for you. As a mom of 8 who unfortunately has 2 more to get thru ‘catholic’ (would like to use Capital C but most of them are really only catholic in name as the actions on Regina’s facebook page prove), I would love to see your vocation bloom towards the salavaging of what is left of the Catholic school system. I have tried starting a blog about it but I just can’t seem to get that first post up because I am so full of anger at the way we as a family have been treated and how pastors, bishops and the office of education downtown so easily dismiss the issue of authentic Catholic education when you try and approach them about the nonsense in their schools. Please know that this lady is praying for you and please pray for me too. Being a Catholic stay at home mom is so frowned on these days that after 28 years of it I too am getting discouraged. God Bless You and Mary wrap you in Her Mantle of Love.

    • Ms. Allie says:

      Thank you for your kind words and prayers.

      About the post, I was kinda expecting it. I had a bit of a reputation at Regina when I was there (and even afterward) for calling them on their heresy/lack of following the rules. I railed against the “Christian Lifestyles” class whose teacher basically told the girls the primacy of conscience = if you think it’s all right to use birth control, do it. She also hardly touched on NFP (she spent about five minutes on it during the very very last class of the year) and other vocations.

      I used to read Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) books during religion class to maintain my sanity and to get something remotely orthodox and beyond the diluted glorified first-grade “catechesis” that was being given the girls. I thought that alone was a grave injustice.

      Oh, and after, I was asked to write a letter to one of the AOD auxiliary bishops describing in-depth the religion department/experience at Regina.

      Then there was an auxiliary bishop from the AOD (who is now the Bishop of Lansing) who, when would come to Regina, would ask me to give him the honest reality because apparently the admins were not giving it to him.

      What I think is the saddest thing, aside from all the souls that are being lost due to the lack of Catholicity in our Catholic schools (not all but a large chunk … one is too many), is the fact that the nominally Catholic ones don’t seem to see their Catholicism as the asset that it is but they see it as a liability or a detriment.

      About my vocation, God will lead the way. I would love to teach Theology in one way or another in a secondary or post-secondary education. But the Lord knows best.

      And about your negative experiences with the AOD (I am assuming “downtown” = AOD since that’s kinda the word that many use to describe the Chancery Offices), I don’t think it lies so much with the bishops as it is with some members of the laity and clergy. Calling Catholic schools on their heresy/BS takes effort and resources. You can’t just write a letter and leave it at that, you have to be persistent and, yes, you have to be a hard on them because they will take any loophole or opportunity they can.

      And of course I will pray for you. I’ll put you on the list I have with my Infant of Prague, that way you won’t be far from His Heart. 🙂

      God love you!

  3. Your reading Ratzinger in class made my day. The same people are running “theology” as when you and my older daughters were there. She nearly had stroke when I told her I would not purchase her “teen” bible , I could go on but am glad I am not the only one who has tried to change things there.

  4. Ms. Allie says:

    Yeah, I got into a Canon Law debate with the Christian Lifestyles teacher once. Mind you, I had put my argument past a canonist priest-friend of mine so it was legit. She didn’t like being cornered by someone more than half her age so she changed her argument to make me into the moron.

    That and I happened to be in her class (another class) when Pope Benedict was elected and we heard the announcement. I did a victory dance around my desk (she had me front row center in front of her desk). She didn’t like that.

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