Prayer Box


You know that box thing that one finds in the back/front of church? No. Not the poor box. The *other* box. The one in which people put their prayer intentions.

Consider this page the “prayer box” of this blog. We’re all in this journey back to Christ together, so we may as well help each other along the way.

Please post your prayer intentions here as comments. You don’t need to give names. You can even get creative and use pseudonyms. God knows what we want before we even think of it so He already knows.

So post away people and get praying!

One rule though:
Christians do not pray for any evil or ill to fall on any person, group, or organization, regardless of what they do, say, or are. We are all equal in the eyes of God and only He can read the depths of the human heart. So don’t bother posting those.

1 Response to Prayer Box

  1. katorikurant says:

    Hey! So…my Uncle Stoner (obviously not his real name) has been clean for a year or so (wooo) but is now in deep depression and isn’t eating, and won’t leave his room, having pretty much decided on suicide the slower way.

    Also, due to no health insurance the overwhelming response has been “we don’t care unless you get it checked by an emergency doctor.”

    Honestly wouldn’t be surprised at all if this is in part demonic. He’s a nice guy, bad choices or not. Please pass it along. (Yes, this is the same uncle living with is divorced lady, Skanky McHag. They’re divorced but now living together again…its not a good situation.

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